Safety of windows, terrace doors and front doors is critically important to the overall safety of your home. Comprehensive understanding of safety and security includes: 

- Security from break-in
- Safety against injury
- Safety of your children, i.e., ability to restrict opening of the products.

Safety and security of in-swing PVC windows systems
We equip our PVC windows with high-security fittings that greatly reduce potential for break-in.
Windows may be equipped with lockable handles that prevent children from opening the windows from the inside.
In-swinging PVC windows allow safe cleaning from inside the room.

Security of Scandinavian window systems
Hinged scandinavian PVC windows are glazed exclusively from the inside, which makes it impossible to extract the glazed units from the outside. Break-in is possible only after the glass is broken. Windows can be made with laminated security glazing or tempered security glazing. Lockable handles or fitting accessories can be used to prevent children from opening the windows.

Security of terrace doors
The standard PSK and HS versions of terrace doors include handles only on the inside, which makes it impossible to open them from the outside.

All terrace doors must be equipped with security glazing: laminated glass should be used to ensure security against break-in and safety against injury. At least, tempered glass should be used for terrace doors to ensure safety against injury when a simplified terrace door version is required.