– S Y S T E M 80 –

– S Y S T E M  80 –
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– S Y S T E M 80 –

Wooden window produced under German technology. Bringing this profile to perfection has taken us the longest.

System 80 windows (opening inwards) been produced with the most innovative window production technology in today’s industry. We own the first CNC profiling center Conturex (Weinig, Germany) that is acquired in the Baltic states.

What are the characteristics of the new generation windows that are made with Conturex? 
- Extremely accurate dimensions
- Significantly higher quality of the surface 
- These windows are durable
- These windows do not have restrictions for various window solutions

While we are producing windows, we have been putting to practice unique custom-made projects using this profile for each customer.

This window combines top value properties:
- Excellent thermal insulation parameters 
- Durability
- Hardly matchable quality and aesthetics 
- Unlimited possibilities for various solutions