Tilt and slide terrace door PSK 92

Tilt and slide terrace door PSK 92
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Tilt and slide terrace door PSK 92

The tilting and sliding patio door PSK is the best choice as a medium to larger-sized patio door.

It is especially impermeable patio doors with two opening positions. Ideally suitable for buildings in severe climate zones and patios on a sea shore.

The patio door is based exclusively on innovative technologies. The production is made on CONTUREX profiling centre, the first and only one in Lithuania, which is the newest and most advanced engineering achievement of WEINIG AG, Germany, the leader of wood processing technology.

System 92 means perfection of surface and construction, durability and exceptionally good thermal insulation.

The wooden patio door PSK provides easy access to the patio to enjoy the beautiful surrounding, easy movement between the room and the patio, and comfortable airing of the habitation.

The system was developed in cooperation with Leitz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.
System 92 was born by combining our 17 years of experience in window manufacturing and the wooden window technology know-how of Leitz GmbH & Co. KG and their designed and tested window profiles.

Profile dimensions

Frame thickness: 92 mm
Leaf thickness: 92 mm

Wooden product with aluminum cladding
Frame thickness: 102,5 mm
Leaf thickness: 102,5 mm

Dimensions of the article without glazing bars

Min: 2000 mm x 1800 mm
Max: 2360 mm x 4000 mm

Opening options

Tilt and slide wooden terrace doors.
Structure of opening and non-opening sections of the terrace door is optional depending on individual requirements of specific project:
1. One section opening, another section – non-opening
2. Middle sections – opening, side sections – non-opening
3. One middle section – opening, side sections – non-opening
4. Side sections – opening, middle sections – non-opening


Sound insulation

35 (-1;-5) dB

It is possible to optionally make it up to 50 dB with a special sound-insulating glass unit.

Sound insulation

35 (-1;-5) dB


Solutions of window systems chosen for the project guarantee safety:
Protection against housebreaking and injuries 
Standard option: indoor handle only – no possibilities to open the terrace door from the outside. 
Terrace door must be fitted with safety glass unit, either laminated (protection against housebreaking and injuries) or tempered (protection against housebreaking).


The construction of the wooden patio door makes the whole product especially weather tight. The product can withstand very strong sustained rains and winds.

Two rows of elastic and durable gaskets and additional sealing at the top of the patio door.

Glazed unit
Maximal thickness – 52 mm thick glazed unit
Triple glazed, filled with inert gas
2 outer glass panels are thermally insulating
Thermal insulating parameters can be improved by using the warm TGI glazing unit frame
Window glazing is performed using special sanitary silicon that is weather resistant and doesn’t allow for micro gaps between the glazing unit and the window timber

Design: shapes and colours

The wooden patio door of minimalist design, perfect surface finish and as never before extremely accurately cut profiles will perfectly fit in classic and modern interiors. A wooden patio door will give your home some indispensable cosiness.

These wooden terrace doors may come in fairly large dimensions without any glazing bars, and as result bring lots of light and aesthetics to the interior. This is the right choice of terrace doors, as non-opening sections may be selected and arranged according to specific preferences.

Colours can be selected from RAL and NCS palette.
The interior side can be coated with varnish of a selected shade or paint.

Glass unit

The patio door can be fit with a triple glazed unit.

Basic requirements for wooden patio doors
Safety glazing should be used for patio doors: the glazing should be laminated to protect from break-in and to avoid injuries.
At least, a tempered glass must be used to avoid injuries, when the wooden patio door equipment must be simplified.

What makes the glazing unit weather tight in a window?
The overall quality of glazed units is ensured by a certified manufacturer.

The windows are glazed with SPECIAL SILICON
We use neutral SANITARY silicon for installation of glazed units in all windows and patio doors without exception.
The conventional silicon is susceptible to mould, since silicon in a wooden window inevitably gets some moisture with changing seasons. Thus, we use only the sanitary silicon to eliminate the risk. What is special about this silicon? This type of silicon is mould-resistant even in zones with raised levels of humidity: baths, saunas. It protects from all micro-cracks and mould at the edges of glazed units.

Glass unit with three glass panes U = 0.5 W/m2K (52 mm)
(3 glass panes: 2 glass panes provide thermal insulation, filler – inert gas).
Light conductivity 55 %
Light reflectance 30 %
Total solar energy conductivity 37 %

Glass unit properties:
1. Thermal glazing
2. Solar energy controlling glass units
3. Sound insulating glass units. It is possible to make it up to 50 dB by fitting thicker or special laminated sound-insulating glass panes.
4. Safety glass units
5. Decorative glass units
6. Fire-resistant glass units
7. ANTIFOG glass units
8. Glass units using atmospheric effect to keep windows clean (BIOCLEAN).

Standard – 52 mm wide glass unit 


Ventilation is available by tilting the leaf of the wooden terrace door. Air vent can be fitted on the top of the glass unit as an option.  

Wood quality and paint coating

Wood and coating quality determines durability of the end product.
Fingerjointed or solid pine, larch, oak.
Timber moisture content 10-12 %
Wooden windows and doors are manufactured entirely of glued wood, using timber.

Paint coating
Water-based finishing materials Teknos (Finland) are used for paint coating.
Teknos paints contain less volatile organic compounds and heavy metal additives than the required minimum established by legislation relating to quality of the products. 
Dry paint coat is 120-140 microns thick, meeting the standards applicable for the most severe climate.

Door hardware

Siegenia Aubi (Germany)
Standard option: interior handle, small exterior pull handle.
Option with extra function: lock fitted inside and outside the handle, in the leaf. This option enables locking/unlocking the terrace door both from the inside and from the outside.


Wooden windows and doors are labelled with CE marking.

Wooden windows and doors comply with requirements established by the EU Construction Products Directive.
UAB “Sumeda” has aligned its management system with standards ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007.
UAB “Sumeda” has been accredited by the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania.
UAB “Sumeda” is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Windows and Doors Manufacturers.

Wood timber certificates
Quality of wood timber and its compliance with the required specifications of raw materials is proven by BM Trada certificate and FSC Council accreditation held by the supplier. Wood gluing processes are carried out according to DIN EN 204, D4 standard.

Wood paint coating systems certificates
Certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NWPC Certificate for approval of wood preservatives (Norway), PYR certificate (Finland), Swedac Ackrediteringsbevis Accreditation certificate (Sweden) and others certificates corresponding to each country’s requirements.

Glazing unit certificates
Implemented ISO 9001 system, DS certification, products comply with DS/EN 1279.1 requirements.

Aluminium paint coating certificates
Powder paint coating complies with quality requirements, such as GSB International (quality mark for aluminium components used for construction) and SFS 5795 (SFS – Finnish Standards Association).

Aluminium profile certificates
Certificates granted to GUTMANN group: GSB, Qualicoat, Qualanod, Ü-Zeichen, DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 22000, EG-Zertifikat CE, EURAS 2010, INTERPON D 2000

Hardware certificates
Siegenia-Aubi (Germany) hardware are in line with company’s Quality Management ISO 9001 certification, the companies focus on quality is reflected in an expanding product range that meets – and often exceeds – the reputation of “Made in Germany” standard.


The product is 100 % recyclable.
The product has been made of natural materials. It does not accumulate electrostatic charge. Harmless finishing materials.
Windows and doors are completely harmless to health, as raw materials used for production meet the highest requirements of health, application and environmental safety established by the EU regulations.


Robustness of wooden terrace doors is provided by system profile and high quality hardware developed in Germany.

Maximum possible weight of one lead – 200 kg
Maximum possible height of the opening section – 2360 mm
Maximum possible width of the opening section – 2000 mm

This product features very good static qualities and resistance to deformation, as it has been produced of timber made of glued prime radially-cut lumber.


All materials used for manufacturing of wooden windows and patio doors are certified, tested and durable.

Durability due to innovative profile
- Our new window manufacturing equipment ensures unsurpassable manufacturing precision (timber cutting error is only 0.1mm). That allows us to ensure unmatched wood surface quality and durability.
- Paint holds well to radially cut wood at the surface, since the wood is dense and moves minimally; paint wear at the corners of wooden patio door profiles is protected by rounded profile edges.
- Our new window manufacturing equipment guarantees uninterrupted manufacturing process, eliminating manual labour and absolutely minimizing error potential. All necessary slots for installation of handles and hinges are precut exclusively by the Conturex profiling centre. Unrivalled advantage of the Conturex profiling centre is its ability to impregnate timber even in the slots for handles and hinges. Few other wooden window manufacturers can boast such timber priming technology.

Durability due to timber
Our wooden windows and patio doors are durable due to properly selected timber and special water resistant glue used for joints. This glue strongly binds timber and impregnates it against permeation of humidity.

Durability due to paint
Our windows and patio doors are durable due to sufficiently thick paint layer that is fit even for severe climatic conditions.
A wooden window will last very long if maintained properly.
TIP: According to Scandinavian experience, a wooden window is the most durable when painted from the outside and optionally painted or varnished from the inside. The lighter window colour is from the outside, the more durable it is.

Durability due to glazing units
The patio door is durable due to a tight glazing unit that is installed into the patio door using totally moisture-tight SANITARY silicon.

Durability due to fittings
The wooden patio door is durable due to strong German made fittings.

Technological advantage

Wooden windows are produced using German WEINIG system. 
WEINIG brand is the token of technological advantage. WEINIG ranks top among wood processing industry systems as the world’s leading brand offering premium ideas and technology. 
This is the reason why UAB “Sumeda” has chosen WEINIG as its reliable partner in order to create long-term value for its customers. 
WEINIG equipment allows us to offer our customers a variety of windows and doors and be sure that they will ideally match the design, because WEINIG guarantees high standards of its products: maximum precision, uninterrupted material feed, top quality of surface treatment.


Main requirement for maintenance of wooden products: wooden parts must be treated with special wood care milk once or twice a year. 
Regular application of the milk will make the surface more durable, restore the colour and give the surface a more polished look.

In order to properly maintain wooden windows and doors, it is important keep in mind the following factors:
Proper transportation and storage of windows and doors 
Wood surface protection and care 
Glass unit care
Gaskets and water drips care 
Hardware care 
Proper ventilation

>>Care Catalogue

System can be braced by aluminum

Wooden window or door may be more durable.

Maximum durability of the window of door is provided by the aluminium profile that covers the window from the outside. The German aluminium profile absorbs all movements, thus eliminating any possibilities of eventual cracking. The aluminium profile also protects wood against environmental impact, yet allowing the wood to “breath” for maximum positive effect. Most other aluminium systems tend to block “breathing” ability of wood and do not protect against cracking.


Aluminium can be coated with a colour from RAL and NCS palettes. Interior side can be coated optionally by varnish of a selected shade or RAL and NCS paint.

Glass unit is fitted into the wooden frame without resting against or any direct contact with aluminium, thus maintaining maximum thermal insulation.
Aluminium clad does not have any direct contact with glass unit and does not support it in the overall structure of the window, leaving sound insulation properties of the window or terrace door intact.

Exceptional durability

The product is durable due to aluminium clad used in the structure.
Wooden article is durable due to Gutmann Cora aluminium system used on the outside. Aluminium fully covers and protects the wood on the outside. Wood is chained by Gutmann Cora aluminium system while leaving air gaps between aluminium and wood for the wood to “breath”. Nonetheless Gutmann Cora system provides full protection of wooden surfaces of the product against any adverse atmospheric impact (UV radiation, rain, wind, cold).

Technological advantage

Gutmann Cora aluminium system for wooden windows is a special product developed in Germany.

It presents a separate aluminium system fixed to the surface of a wooden article. This system uses 1.7 mm thick aluminium with high tensile strength, smooth surface and colour. Due to special configuration of the profile, aluminium does not move or deform in the course of time.

Aluminium coating is fixed by plastic clamps that protect the wood and firmly hold aluminium while absorbing any tension and preventing the wood from cracking.

Air gaps between aluminium clad and wood allow the wood to “breath” without compromising full protection of wood against adverse atmospheric impact.

Aluminium clad is clamped in the corners by metal joints, protecting the coating against cracking.

Paint coating

Gutmann Cora aluminium clads are paint coated under special technology. Colours can be chosen from RAL or NCS palettes.

Surfaces painted by powder coating are almost maintenance-free. High quality coating technology applied on the aluminium provides seamless protection against UV radiation and significant temperature variations. Powder coating technology is cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and ensures aesthetic properties of the coated articles.


Articles with aluminium clad do not require repeated paint coating or any special care products.

Aluminium clad should be cleaned twice a year with warm water (max 25°C), small amount of neutral or low alkaline detergents can be added.

Soft non-abrasive cloth should be used during washing or cleaning.

Detergents used on the washed surfaces must be removed within one hour.