We present you the most innovative windows production technology in today’s industry: CNC profiling center WEINIG Conturex C124.

This profiling center CONTUREX is developed by the German woodworking technology leader WEINIG.

Conturex is the first this kind profiling center that was acquired in the Baltic states.

What are the characteristics of windows, that are made with Conturex?

1. Extremely precise dimensions
2. Windows, that were produced with Conturex, maximally correspond to the designed profile
3. Surfaces are in the significantly higher quality
4. These windows are more durable
5. These windows have no restrictions for various window systems solutions

Why the latest WEINIG profiling center Conturex is changing wooden windows quality standards that existed previously?

1. The production of wooden windows was changed from divided over a number of different devices to a better and uninterrupted production system.

2. We can confirm that profiling center Conturex perfectly respond to the highest needs of our customers:
a) Conturex guarantees substantial accuracy of the product (wood cutting error – only 0.1 mm!!!).
b) Profiling center Conturex provides unbeatable quality of the wood surface. See it by visiting us!
c) Conturex guarantees new engineering solutions for all types of windows. Significant aspect of working on profiling center Conturex is absolute flexibility in production technology: different window systems configuration can be implemented without restrictions and manual work.
d) Conturex provides much faster and more accurate automated processes.

3. Profiling center Conturex produces each part of wooden window completely in the uninterrupted process.
The production process of the parts for wooden window:
a) First – wooden parts are cut and profiled.
b) Then all necessary sockets for handles and hinges are performed exclusively by Conturex.

This technology is completely new. It improved the process and now the preparation of the wooden part is done without manual work and the possibility of errors is completely removed.

4. The wooden parts are impregnated immediately after the cutting and making the sockets for handles and hinges.
A significant advantage of the profiling center Conturex is impregnation of wood, that is also made in the sockets of handles and hinges. This has a significant impact on durability of wooden windows. Such wood processing technology can ensure only few other manufacturers of wooden windows.