We are proud to present a video clip to you about UAB "Sumeda".


3 min. 38 s company representing video clip:


Company representing the video clip with Lithuanian subtitles:


Windows in Sweeden


As you know, a large part of our products are exported by „UAB Sumeda“ to foreign countries such as Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and others.
This time we want to show you how our windows in the Swedish Old Town look like.

We were visited by students.


Today, the 3rd grade schoolchildren of Mokolų mokykla-darželis in Marijampolė visited us. It was a great day, thank you!

Another completed project.


UAB „Sumeda“ windows in dwelling house, Vilnius Old Town, Labdarių street, Lithuania.

UAB "Sumeda" is Wishing you a very Happy Easter.


We have completed another project successfully!


UAB „Sumeda“ windows in finished project. Polocko street, Vilnius, Lithuania.