We are the right choice for these key reasons!

– We always take individual approach to provide custom-made solution meeting our customer‘s demands. We are known for flexibility and expertise in custom-made products.
– Custom-made solution goes in line with top quality without any compromise. We maintain constant control over raw materials.
– We constantly monitor updates related to raw materials in order to find the ones offering top properties related to thermal insulation and durability of windows, and have been consistently improving our wooden windows profiles since 1997.

With our excellent expertise in wooden windows, we are ready to present arguments why our wooden windows are the right choice.

Quality of life. Wood is a natural, allergy-free material that creates healthy home environment. Wood is a highly durable and versatile material, and simply is unsurpassable in terms of these qualities. This natural product creates cosy and comfortable life due to its excellent acoustic and thermal insulation qualities.

Interior. Decision to prioritize natural materials is the decision to prioritize aesthetics and comfort. Wooden windows and doors bring cosiness to home and are a true sign of high quality.
Among all finishing, architectural, design elements, windows and doors are the elements that are first noticed by human eye, given the most attention, and remembered the most. For this reason wooden windows are the key element that defines the style of the building.
Wood has become particularly valued and preferred as it creates added value to the real estate.

Environment. Wood is a renewable and efficiently recyclable resource. It is also efficient when compared to other materials, as it requires less energy for maintenance and processing.

Wooden window systems: