Scandinavian terrace door VEKA Danline 70/116

PVC terrace door VEKA Danline 70/116 of Scandinavian opening type. Exceptionally high heat retention parameters, thick terrace door frame. Scandinavian design.

Exceptionally high heat retention parameters, thick terrace door frame. Scandinavian design and opening type. Terrace door of this type meets the highest requirements of Scandinavian market.

U = 0,9 W/m2K (with triple glazed unit and thermal frame)

Class A according to DIN EN 12608 quality standard. The window is manufactured from German-made profile from VEKA AG.

The profile is reinforced with a square steel tube. This design ensures the maximal possible strength. Walls of PVC profile are thick. For these reasons VEKA Danline 70/116 window is exceptionally strong without sacrificing the heat retention parameters.

Raw materials used for production of the window or door have been duly certified.

Application: residential and commercial buildings.

1) We asure that the profile is safe for health, its raw materials are of the highest quality, and VEKA AG that produced the profile is a responsible producer that is dedicated to deliver high quality. 
2) Over long years this profiles enabled us to implement solutions for even the most complicated window systems.
3) The profile is durable: the profile surface is maximally resistant to any environment impact, its colours don’t fade.
4) The profile is very firm. It is reinforced with a square steel tube. This design ensures the maximal possible strength. Walls of PVC profile are thick. The opening leaf is reinforced with steal double-bent plate to achieve maximal strength. These features make the profile exceptionally firm.

Frame thickness: 116 mm
Leaf thickness: 70 mm

Outside walls of PVC profile are 3.0 mm thick. The profile meets the highest quality standards and is rated as Class A.

Steel reinforcement is 1.5 mm thick or more.

Min: 1800 mm x 700 mm
Max: 2000 mm x 900 mm

Solid window and terrace door structure allows producing window or terrace door of custom dimensions.

Opening outwards

34 (-1;-4) dB (the value may slightly vary for products of different sizes)

The special sound-proofing glazed unit allows reaching 50 dB values.

Windows from VEKA AG profiles are rated to the highest class of protection against noise.

Solution of window systems chosen for the project guarantee safety:

Protection against housebreaking and injuries
Terrace door can be optionally fitted with safety, laminated glass panes.

Protection against injuries
Terrace door can be glazed with safety, tempered glass panes.

Safety to health
All VEKA plastic profiles include only calcium-zinc stabilizers and are lead-free.

PVC terrace door features Scandinavian style, modern design, thick profile.

Traditional shapes of Scandinavian terrace doors, full-size glass unit.

Coating and colours
The VEKA Softline 70 profile has a classical design and superb quality of its surface and colour.

The colours can be selected from a wide range of standard and unconventional colours. The colours range from white to very dark; other possibilities include various colour shades, wood imitations, different colours on inside and outside.

Windows can be partitioned with decorative glazing bars.
The bars can be attached from outside or inside or integrated inside the glazed unit.

PVC windows can be fitted with a glass unit made of two or three glass panes.

High quality glazing seal is resistant to UV radiation, cold and heat, is stable and absorbs permissible fluctuations due to temperature changes.

Glass unit with three glass panes U = 0.6 W/m2K 
(3 glass panes: 2 glass panes provide thermal insulation, filler – inert gas). 
Light conductivity 70 %
Total solar energy conductivity 49 %

Glass unit properties:
1. Thermal glazing
2. Solar energy controlling glass units
3. Sound insulating glass units. It is possible to make it up to 50 dB by fitting thicker or special laminated sound-insulating glass panes. 
4. Safety glass units
5. Decorative glass units
6. Fire-resistant glass units
7. ANTIFOG glass units
8. Glass units using atmospheric effect to keep windows clean (BIOCLEAN).

Standard – 40 mm wide glass unit

PVC windows with CE mark
PVC windows and doors meet the requirements of Construction Products Directive (EU). The basis of conformity declaration comes from ift Rosenheim GmbH.
Quality control according to requirements of RAL quality mark for Class A of PVC windows.
Thermal insulation according to DIN 4108 and EnEV, i.e., German energy-saving standards.

Sumeda UAB has implemented management standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.
Sumeda UAB is certified at the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuanian.

Glass unit certificates
Implemented ISO 9001 system, DS certification, products comply with DS/EN 1279.1 requirements.

Hardware certificates
PN Hardware (Denmark) hardware manufacturer has been certified under DS/EN 9001 and DS/EN 14001.
Assa Abloy (Sweden). ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards, Swedish technical approval 0130/00 and other certificates for product groups.

The product is 100% recyclable.

Windows and doors are completely safe to health, since materials used for manufacturing meet the strictest EU norms for health safety, safety of use and environment protection.

PVC windows from VEKA AG profiles are especially firm. 
They are marked as Class A for its strength and durability.

The profile is reinforced with a square steel tube of 1.5 mm thickness. This reinforcement ensures the maximal possible strength. Walls of PVC profile are thick. These features make the profile exceptionally firm.

1.5 mm thick reinforcement is sufficient according to window quality standards. However, in some cases we use 1.75 mm reinforcement to meet our internal quality standards, for example, in case of coloured products that are more affected by sunlight than white products.

Outside walls of PVC profile are 3.0 mm thick.

It is important to note that only original raw materials and no recycled materials are used for production of Class A products. All these features increase strength and quality of windows and doors.

The opening leaf is reinforced with a double-bent edge to achieve maximal strength.

All materials used in production of windows are certified, tested and durable.

Durability of plastic
VEKA AG produces PVC profiles only from unprocessed plastic. This ensures strength and durability of plastic and its resistance to deformations.

The primary difference that makes PVC window profiles from VEKA AG superior is the number of calibration points in the PVC profile manufacturing cycle. The said calibration practice make all VEKA AG products especially stable and resistant to mechanical and thermal impacts in the subsequent stages of manufacturing and ensures that the end product has not altered and is exactly what it was meant to be.

Durability of coating
Both white and coloured VEKA profiles are made exclusively in factory. It should be noted that the coloured profiles are always produced exclusively in VEKA AG factories; thus the colour coating is made “in-factory” during manufacturing of the profile itself, which guarantees superb durability of its surface and colour.
Only UV resistant stabilisers are used for profile production, therefore your windows and doors always remain UV resistant and will never fade in sunlight.

Durability of profile structure
The sealing bands are put in place during profile production only after welding of profile corners. For this reason, the sealing is not affected by welding heat along the whole perimeter, including the corners, and remains flexible, functional, and tight.
The seals are not welded, so they can be readily replaced.

Durability of glazing unit
Windows and doors are durable because of hermetic glazing units that are mounted in the products by means of completely water tight sealing.

Durability of fittings
Windows and doors are durable because of Danish-made and Swedish-made fittings that are properly spaced, effectively distribute loads, and maintain their functionality.

Technology of VEKA AG is one of the oldest in PVC window market.

PVC profile with steal reinforcement is a time-tested combination that keeps exclusive strength and effectively retains heat at the same time. Vast experience of VEKA AG demonstrated that the steel reinforcement does not have a significant impact on thermal properties of doors and windows. Products based on this technology measure up to passive house windows. 

From the start of PVC window production, we chose VEKA AG as our long-term partner. Over the years VEKA AG has proofed its reliability and high value of its profiles.

VEKA profiles enable us to offer professional PVC window systems. Design and manufacturing phases of your window systems will benefit from manufacturing and installation know-how accumulated by both VEKA AG and us. Our long term partnership with VEKA AG ensures smooth operations and high standards of production – deep knowledge of the profile and excellent quality of products.

Terrace door is warm because of:

Frame thickness
With exclusively thick window frame and leaf, the window is among the leaders in the Scandinavian market by its profile parameters.

Glazed unit
Triple glazed unit, argon filled
Both external glass panels are heat insulating
Heat retention parameters can be improved by using thermal spacer of TGI glazed unit
The window is sealed by a special seal that leaves no gaps between the glass and the window profile.
The system guarantees high heat retention. It significantly reduces the heating needs.

PVC windows and doors require minimal maintenance.

Here are the main instructions to remember:

– Do not use aggressive surface cleaners for PVC products.

– Make to sure to protect PVC windows and doors from construction materials, since they can cause irreparable damage if they get on the product surface. Note: Do not use aggressive sticky tapes that may damage the surfaces.

– Immediately remove the protective film after installation works have been completed since it can cause surface damage if left in place for a longer period.

– Remove dirt and dust from the surfaces several times a year. Use water-damped sponge or cloth. PVC profiles may be cleaned with soapy water or water and soda.

To properly use windows and doors the following factors must be taken into account:
– Proper transportation and storage of production
– Protection and care of profile surface
– Care of glazed units
– Maintenance of sealing and drainage openings (especially after construction works – do not leave debris inside)
– Maintenance of opening mechanism (especially after construction works – do not leave debris inside, oil the opening mechanism twice per year)
– Proper ventilation

>>Maintenance schedule

PVC window systems: